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Hours: 24/7 - No Overtime Fees
Hours: 24/7 - No Overtime Fees
1041 Erin St Unit A, Winnipeg, MB R3G 2X1

Plumbing Repair or installation

New Installations and Plumbing Repair Services in Winnipeg

If the fixtures in your bathroom are outdated or damaged, talk to The Pleasant Plumber Inc. We can install and replace bathtubs, faucets, water lines and more. When pipes or fixtures are very old and requires replacement, handling it yourself might result in costly repairs. Our team is trained to handle such issues and ensure that the job is done correctly. Therefore, when you have any new installations or plumbing repair requirements in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, you can contact us.

For us, no job is too big or too small. We aim to exceed your expectations on every project, be it a small repair, a new renovation, or a new installation. We have worked with thousands of customers, and have made sure that they are happy with each of the services we provide.

DWV and Waterline Upgrades

If you are planning to upgrade your waterline or drain waste vent, get in touch with The Pleasant Plumber Inc. We can connect the new pipes, in accordance with the existing system and make sure there is no leakage, and the fixtures fit in perfectly.

Sump Pumps and Backwater Valves

Sump pumps and backwater valves are an effective way to keep your basement dry and prevent damage to your property due to water logging. They are helpful in redirecting water from the foundation and footings. If you need to install sump pumps and backwater valves, we can do it for you. Call us today.

Burst Pipe Repair

If your plumbing system is old, or is affected by the freeze-thaw cycle, then the pipes are susceptible to bursting. We work round the clock for such emergency situations. When you call us, we will be at your site as soon as possible and provide you the necessary repairs.

Garburator Repair and Replacements

Garbage disposals can pose a huge problem if blocked or damaged. If you require replacement or repair services for your garburators, we can do it for you.

For more information on our plumbing services, drain and sewer cleaning, and hot water tank installations, call us. We are 24/7 at your service for your convenience.

Damaged Waterlines?

We offer complete installation and replacement of pipes and fixtures in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.