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Hours: 24/7 - No Overtime Fees
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10 Things To Know About Your A/C

1. If your ac is not cooling enough, the two easiest and most important things you can do on your own are to change your filter and clean your outdoor condenser. If neither of these options fix the problem, call for service.

2. Air Conditioners must have a filter. It is very important that the filter is changed or cleaned regularly in order to filter the air properly and prevent the indoor coil from getting dirty.

3. During the summer, if you see frost on the outdoor or indoor pipes, your system is frozen and will not cool properly. To thaw the system, turn the a/c off at the thermostat but turn the fan to ON. This will force warm air over the ice to help it thaw quicker. Note: If the problem persists for a few days, the problem could be a dirty filter.

4. If you see water leaking from an outdoor pipe, or pipe located above a bathtub, your primary condensate drain has a problem and the water is traveling through the emergency drain system. This pipe is usually located in a conspicuous area so that you will easily see the water dripping and know that there is a problem.

5. Keep curtains and blinds closed on west side of your house during the summer to avoid excessive heat from the sunlight.

6. Be sure to keep the outdoor condenser clean. This means ALL sides should have nothing clinging to them. If you do see dirt, leaves, grass clippings, etc, first turn the power off, and take a water hose with a spray nozzle to rinse the sides off starting at the top and working your way down.

7. If you have a refrigerant leak, the leak may be located at the indoor equipment, the outdoor equipment or in the copper lines that connect the two pieces of equipment. Some leaks are repairable while some are not.

8. There is generally a 20 degree difference between indoor air and outside temperatures. So when it is 33 degrees outside, you can expect to get your indoor temperature to 22 degrees if desired. However, if it is 38 degrees outside, your air conditioner may struggle to meet 22 degrees, or run all the time trying to meet the demand.

9. Filters will get dirtier faster if; there are multiple pets in the home, there is a dusty outdoor environment such as dirt roads, fields, construction, etc; or if carpets are infrequently vacuumed.

10. Make sure all windows and doors are closed, as to not let in any excess heat, and keep all heat-producing appliances away from your thermostat.

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